The Ztory of TRA-TANR
TRA-TANR was based sometime in the very early 80's. Noone remembers excactly when or how, but somehow we managed to get this one thing right. It all happened in the fogs of war (Or was it another kind of fog) and while the Commodore64 was running some obscure game that only allowed half the members to participate. The rest then decided that we had to have our own "clan". Not really a clan since such didn't exist back then, so we called it a covenant
TRA-TANR is again back to the original 4 members 'cause we had to suspend a couple of members, who didn't understand the need for staying in touch. We have some guidelines for bringing people into the light, and mostly you'll have to have a skill, that no other member have. But we'll get to that.....
Linkz to seperate memberz homepages will be added as they're being finished.
The current staff is:

[fbi   at   tra-tanr   dot   dk]  F.B.I.
GOD himzelf (But don't tell)

[gog   at   tra-tanr   dot   dk]  G.O.G.
Zatans little helper

13th. apoztel
[paf   at   tra-tanr   dot   dk]  P.A.F.
Baby cruzher.

[omd   at   tra-tanr   dot   dk]  O.M.D.
Zite guru

Oh! Maria
[sjj   at   tra-tanr   dot   dk]  S.J.J.
Solitaire zweeper.

That'll give ya a guideline to who does what. :-)
TRA-TANR is NOT a warez, hack, piratgroup!!!
Mail me [wraith   at   tra-tanr   dot   dk] for membership, and i'll ask you for what we need to know.

Why do I want to be a member?
Yes we do know your type :-).....Krrrrrrrriiitchiiiiiiing let's cash in :-).
Well you'll really have a chance in TRA-TANR, we have special members ONLY offers, like:
Free server space - Free emails (NON Disclosure) - Cheap ISP (In Denmark only) - Cheap Hardware (Often free). And we usually do not charge each other for services in our speciality. That is the main reason why you'll have to have a special skill.
Well that's all for now, if i awoke your curiousity then don't be a stranger.
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